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Music | Chip – Killer MC & Flowers (Stormzy Diss tracks)


On a chilly rainy Wednesday evening, my phone rings, and its Mr Karl Ryan on the screen, I answer the phone and he’s asking me “Why is Chip sending for Stormzy?”. Totally side tracked by the question being asked, I proceeded to explain the bars Chip delivered in Waze, which would have started the beef, and Stormzy sort of responded in “I dunno”. Karl then tells me that Chip has released 2 diss tracks on GRM Daily, so straight away the call is ended, and I’m on GRM watching “Killer MC”.

Killer MC comes with that fast pace, 140bpm energy which Chip dominates always, no intro, no build up, just straight to the lyrical bars. As I’m watching the video, taking in the lyrics and visuals, its clear that this isn’t a usual diss track and video from Chip, this people, is a very clear message to Stormzy.

In the still shot from the video, Chip shows the body bags of Tinie, Bugzy, Saskilla, Big Narstie, Devilman, and Yungen, and now Chip is glad to add Stormzy to the body bags, with ease. I can appreciate the mics on fire from the lyrics he is spitting, it all makes perfect sense visually. Now the question in my head as i’m watching this, is why has Chip snapped?

Time to press play on Flowers, and now we are back to a very familiar setting for Chip when he is burying MCs. we are at the Shell petrol station, oh sh!t is all I’m thinking. The beat starts, and straight away, its a recognisable hard hitting, hip hop drum pattern. which makes me know it’s a Dready beat. Now, it’s a death by lyrics, and beats type of track incoming.

Dready doesn’t make soft beats, so my head is bopping straight away, and then Chip enters explaining now why he is going for Stormzy’s neck. It’s clear that Waze got to him, and wanted to pull up on Chip at his home with 2 cars full of goons, now this could have gone a different way, back in June when he actually did this, I don’t need to spell it out for you, Chip does this in Flowers very clearly.

Now, the whole industry woken up, the fans have been excited, and we are waiting patiently for Stormzy to respond. Will he deliver a 24 hour, 2 for 2 reply to Chip, or will it be subliminal lyrical shots of future features with heavyweight artists again? We can only wait and see.

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News | Bobby Shmurda 2021 release date set

Another disappointment from 2020, Bobby Shmurda‘s early release has been denied. Originally set around mid-August, Shmurda’s parole hearing was pushed back by a month.

There were high hopes for the rapper’s release from his affiliates and those close to him — even his mother claimed that it would be his last birthday spent in jail — but the rapper will remain behind bars until he finishes serving his maximum seven-year sentence: December 2021.

“Following his Sept. 15, 2020, interview with the Board of Parole, Ackquille Pollard was denied release and given a hold until the maximum expiration of his sentence on December 11, 2021,” stated a spokesperson from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

According to sources, Bobby had over ten violations of drug possession, fighting and owning a weapon, among other offenses, while in jail — possible factors which may have led the parole board to reject Bobby’s early release.


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Music | Lil Baby & Future “Out The Mud”

Lil Baby has dropped yet another collaborative track, this time with Future in the form of “Out The Mud.” The ambitious partnership follows Future’s interview from January with Big Boy, wherein the older rapper tagged Baby and Gunna two of hip-hop’s current GOATs. “I already did what I did. I done been the Trap GOAT. I’m solidified. But right now, they them dudes. They the next dudes to get the new deal, the new money, the new this, the new that,” he praised of the youngins. With flows that fuse almost perfectly above the Quay Global-produced beat, “Out The Mud” turns into the meeting and understanding of the trap’s different phases.

Stream Lil Baby and Future’s “Out The Mud” on Spotify and Apple Music


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Music | Rick Ross featuring Wale “Act A Fool”

Two years after its initial announcement, Rick Ross has finally dropped off “Act a Fool,” a first taste of the highly-anticipated album Port of Miami II. Assisted by “Gemini (2 Sides)” rapper Wale, the track contains an undeniable callback to 2006’s Port of Miami, but modernized to fit current soundscape of hip-hop. Rozay’s flow is strong as ever, kicking off the chorus with a laidback yet confident bar: “20 billboards in the city, who the f**k is you?” Basing off the record’s debut single, the Florida native is definitely making it seem like the two-year delay was more than worth it.

Stream Rick Ross’ “Act a Fool” featuring Wale on Apple Music.

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Review | J Spades – MMMP4 [@Real_JSpades]

Music | J Spades – MMMP4

Most people would say the summer of 2019 started when Mostack dropped his album, not for me, the summer begins when J Spades drops a project, this is fact. J Spades is a East London rapper that I’ve found myself becoming a fan of upon the release of MMMP2 years back, it’s a album I can play at anytime and just vibe to.

It’s been a long time coming, and his new album MMMP 4 doesn’t disappoint, not that I expected it to. J Spades voice and flow is very unique, from a first listen you would think he should be doing bashment tracks with the biggest Jamaican artists out there, although as you keep listening, J Spades mixture of true ghetto Patois, and East London lingo makes his flow original and refreshing in a musical era of “auto tune clowns, I mean clones”.

MMMP 4 is 13 tracks of bangers, some club bangers, something for the girls to twerk to, and tracks for the streets.

3 tracks that stand out to me on this project are

Wake Up , Popping, and Fire over Water featuring Uncle Murda

“Fire over Water”, is not the first international hip hop link up that J Spades has done, and on this track, he gives Uncle Murda the lead where he give you that genuine New York rap flow. But as soon as J Spades steps on the track, and starts rhyming over the banging Brooklyn influenced beat, you’ll understand why he is one of the hardest MCs we have here in the U.K..

Other artists you can cover to hear featured on MMMP4 are Donae’o, Vershon, and Fabian Secon.

I rate the full project 10/10. Another album that will be on repeat over the summer, autumn, all seasons. Thank you J Spades, the summer has begun.

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Lifestyle | Jay Z the Billionaire

“If he’s a billionaire now, imagine what he’s about to be,” Swizz Beatz says. “Because he’s only just starting.”

Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, the superproducer behind some of Jay-Z’s biggest hits (“On To The Next One,” Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U”), looks at Jay-Z as something others can model: “It’s bigger than hip-hop … it’s the blueprint for our culture. A guy that looks like us, sounds like us, loves us, made it to something that we always felt that was above us.”

What’s Jay-Z Worth?

To calculate his net worth, we looked at the artist’s stakes in companies like Armand de Brignac champagne, applying our customary discount to private firms. (He owns 100% of Armand de Brignac and has partial ownership of the other companies.) Then added up his income, subtracting a healthy amount to account for a superstar lifestyle. We checked our numbers with a roster of outside experts to ensure these estimates were fair and conservative. Turns out, Jay-Z really is a business, man.J

Armand de Brignac | $310 Million

Jay-Z has used his music to shill the $300 gold bottles of the “Ace of Spades” champagne since launching the brand with the 2006 video “Show Me What You Got.” More recently, his verse on Meek Mill’s “What’s Free” put a half-billion-dollar value on the wine, which seems like a bit too bubbly a number.

Cash & investments | $220 Million

A vast investing portfolio includes a stake in Uber worth an estimated $70 million. He reportedly purchased his piece for $2 million back in 2013—and then wired founder Travis Kalanick another $5 million in an attempt to increase his holdings, but was rebuffed.

D’Ussé | $100 Million

Jay-Z’s cognac, a joint venture with beverage giant Bacardi, moves almost 200,000 cases and has grown nearly 80% annually. “Jay-Z resonates with consumers who are attracted to the ultra-premium lifestyle,” says Eric Schmidt, Beverage Marketing Corp.’s Director of Alcohol Research.

Tidal | $100 Million

In 2015, Jay-Z submitted a bid to purchase the Scandinavian streaming service’s parent company for just shy of $60 million. He relaunched Tidal later that year with a roster of celebrity investors including his wife, Beyoncé, and other music luminaries, from Kanye West to Calvin Harris.

Roc Nation | $75 Million

This wide-ranging entertainment company started over a decade ago as part of a joint venture with concert giant Live Nation. Roc Nation represents some of the top stars in the entertainment through its sports agency (Kevin Durant, Todd Gurley) as well as its record label and artist-management arms (Rihanna, J. Cole).

Music catalogue | $75 Million

Before the beginning of his stint as Def Jam’s chief in 2004, Jay-Z negotiated the eventual return of his master recordings from the aforementioned label that helped launch his career; in a separate deal with EMI, he clawed back his publishing rights. Wise move: his hits now clock close to 1 billion streams annually.

Art collection | $70 Million

In the song “Picasso Baby,” Jay-Z boasted about a “Basquiat in my kitchen corner.” He probably wasn’t kidding. For over a decade, he’s been scooping up masterpieces like Basquiat’s “Mecca,” purchased in 2013 for a reported $4.5 million. “He’s rapped about it all in detail,” says Fab 5 Freddy, a contemporary and friend of the late painter. “Jay-Z helped educate millions of hip-hop fans mentioning Jean-Michel.”

Real estate | $50 Million

This is the incredible $88 million mansion Jay Z and Beyonce purchased in August 2017, the home has 8 bed, 11 bath and is 30,000 square feet

After welcoming twins in 2017, Jay-Z and Beyoncé bought a pair of homes to match: a $26 million East Hampton mansion and a $88 million Bel Air estate. Jay-Z also owns a Tribeca penthouse, snagged for $6.85 million in 2004.

Source : Forbes

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Music | A$AP Ferg ft Migos “Trap Anthem”

A$AP Ferg ft Migos “Trap Anthem”

In honour of the weekly turn-up dubbed #WavyWednesdays by the A$AP Mog, A$AP Ferg and Migos take it to the trap for their new offering “Trap Anthem”.

Here, the ATL trio and the Harlem rep drop bars on their deep pockets and jet-setter lifestyle. Ferg has been pushing a steady supply of bangers ahead of his forthcoming Trap Lord follow-up including the cuts “Spice Girls”, the “Cut It” remix and “New Level” featuring Future.

Source – BillBoard

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Music | Black Friday Mixtape Selection

As the retail world sent bargain savers and Christmas shoppers into a frenzy on Black Friday, November 27th, the hip hop fraternity of artists used this day, as the give back date to their fans by dropping multiple mix tapes for you to stream, and download for free via Some of the mixtapes I downloaded included

Chris Brown – Before the Party

Fabolous – Summertime Shootout

Rick Ross – Renzel Remixes

Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 2


Today is Cyber Monday, so it’s been a non-stop back to back listening fest with these 4 mixtapes, and I can say not one of them disappointed me. Chris Brown certainly leads the track numbers on his mix tape with 34 tracks, which in my opinion could have been split into 2 albums. Some of the features on his mixtape “Before the Party” include Rihanna, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, and his homeboy Tyga as well. If you’re a true Chris Brown fan, and a lover of R&B, this is one for you.


Between the other 3 mixtapes, well, we waited for Lil Wayne to drop “No Ceilings 2”, and in true Young Money quality control, Weezy F doesn’t disappoint, with various original tracks, and freesyles with his version of Hotline Bling aka Jail Phone.


Fabolous, what can I say, he is a beast, who has kept to his flow and formula, which is why I am true fan of his. “Summertime Shootout” I feel, should have been released in the summer, it’s one of those mixtapes, you have to bump loudly, with various flavours of tracks, including the upcoming club banger “The Plug”, and his version of Hotline Bling aka Trapline Bling.


I’ll wrap up with the biggest boss, Rick Ross’s “Renzel Remixes”. He has been delivering various freestyle remixes over the past few months, his biggest freestyle remix has to be of Adele’s “Hello”, if you haven’t yet listened to it, simply download his mixtape and put it on blast. This mixtape is 26 tracks, and is covered over 2 discs, so be sure to grab both downloads. All in all, I’ve enjoyed listening to all 4 mixtapes and will continue to for a while to come. I have to salute the other artists that dropped mixtapes on Black Friday, be sure to log onto to see them all and download.

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Music | French Montana x Fetty Wap – Freaky

French Montana feat. Fetty Wap x Monty – Freaky will make you want to turn up some more, in case you didn’t have enough fun this weekend. The Coke Boys leader, French comes thorough with a new track for his fans and grabs the help of the Remy Boys, Fetty Wap and Monty. Press the play button above and listen to The Mekanics produced joint, Freaky.

Source – BLKD

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Music | BANNERWORX In Da Mix

Officially finished the Brown Bear series, now it’s back to ME. First mix CD of 2015. I only did 200 copies which went quick, so for those who didn’t get the CD, here is the mix for you to stream, and download. Next BANNERWORX In Da Mix Volume 2 drops on July 4th.

Tracklist –
1 League Of Starz – Throw It Back
2 Maejor – Get You Alone
3 The Dream – That’s My Shit
4 Kid ink – Dolo
5 Eric Bellinger – Valet
6 DJ Carisma & Cadence – Want This
7 Trevor Jackson – Know Your Name
8 Vell – Childish
9 TeeFlii – This D
10 Pharell – Happy
11 Eric Bellinger – Focused On You
12 L.A. Leakers – Pull up
13 Omarion – Post To Be Remix
14 Peter Jackson – Hold Up
15 Tyga – Hookah
16 French Montana – Bad Bitch Remix
17 Krept & Konan – Freak Of the Week
18 Wash – Can’t Trust Thots
19 Chris Brown & Tyga – Nothin
20 Big Sean – IDFWU
21 Baauer – One Touch
22 Kid ink – Be Real
23 Chris Brown & Tyga – Bitches
24 John Hart – Papi
25 Jeremih – Don’t Tell ‘Em Remix
26 Rick Ross – Ayo Remix
27 Rihanna – Bitch Better Have
28 Natalie La Rose – Somebody Remix
29 Lethal Bizzle – Fester Skank Remix
30 DJ Khaled – How Many Times
31 Fetty Wap & Drake – My Way Remix
32 Lil Durk – Like Me
33 Elijah Blake – I Just Wanna Remix
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Music | Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Lil Wayne couldn’t make it any clearer to his fans and everyone in the music industry, that the business bond between Cash Money and Young Money has been severed and officially no more. With the delay of his Carter 5 album, which was due for release last year, there was a lot of talk about his album being pushed back due to arrival of newer rappers onto the Cash Money roster who took priority over his own projects on the label. To apologise to his loyal fans, Lil Wayne has blessed us with a interim album, in the way of Sorry for the Wait 2.

The intro track, is his version of the club banger Coco, which brings you up to speed and tells you what is what regarding him, and his future with Cash Money. It’s fair to say Lil Wayne has no regrets wanting to leave Cash Money, and is looking forward to his future.

As you listen to the album it’s your typical Lil Wayne flavour until you get to track 11, which is his version of “You Guessed It”. The shots he takes at Birdman on this track are epic, and he has renamed the hook to “Bitch You Jealous”. Lil Wayne has once again delivered a undisputed banger filled 17 track album, with no fillers.

If you haven’t downloaded the free album, jump onto Datpiff and do it now, and I’m looking forward to Carter 5 dropping this spring, no one can stop Lil Wayne’s productions and creative release flow now, it’s Young Money only now, and the future is bright, no more dry rubbing hands.

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Music | Rick Ross – Master Mind

Rick Ross doesn’t fail to keep dropping classic hiphop albums, yes that’s right I said it classic! He is about to release his sixth studio album “MasterMind”. I’ve had the privelidge of having a full listen to the album from start to finish, and back again. As with his previous albums, he takes you on his own musical journey, bringing along the way some heavy hitters to join him, whether it be on the production side, or guests to rap along with. One point of this album which is refreshing to hear, especially from a South based rapper, is that Rick Ross has steered clear of the modern, common sounding trap beats and records that all of the other rappers are commonly producing. Yes, it helps with club bangers, but a change of style shows diversity in the music, rather than every track sounding the same.

On the album, Rick Ross revisits the attempted murder on his life last year, when his Rolls Royce Ghost was shot upon, not sure if the EMS call was a legit one, but his reminder to his fans and enemies, that he is still here, and still doing what he does best, a strong minded business man. I’d have to say I’m a fan of the complete album, all tracks, it certainly isn’t one of those albums I’d skip tracks and get to my favourites. Now, upon producing this certified heat of a album, I should expect all future albums, and mixtapes from the MMG family to be of a equal quality, and not of what they dropped with “Self Made 3”, that was a huge disappointment to say the least.

My Overall rating for MasterMind – 8/10 (no ones perfect)

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IGLU Sessions Vol 2 | Lola’s Selection

Continuing the IGLU Sessions, where party people give me tracks and I add a few more and present them in a mix for all to enjoy. This selection comes from Lola, thanks for this one. Next IGLU Sessions drops 25.12.13, for now Enjoy. Check out the mix via my SoundCloud.

1) Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal
2) Drake – Worst Behavior
3) Big Sean – 10 2 10 Remix
4) Mr Vegas – Tek Weh Yuh Self
5) Mr Vegas – Gallis
6) Vybz Kartel – Tek
7) Lil Durk ft. Rick Ross – Dis Ain’t What You Want Remix
8) Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me Baby
9) Hot Natured ft. Anabel Englund – Reverse Skydiving
10) B.O.B. – Headband
11) 50 Cent Ft Olivia – Best Friend
12) Lady Saw – Man Is the Least
13) Baby Cham – Vitamin S
14) Popcaan – Smile Again
15) Beenie Man – Touch Di Road
16) Tommy Lee – Pussy Mechanic
17) Rick Ross – I Wonder Why


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Music | Tyga – Well Done 4

It’s that time of year once again, Mr T-Raw aka Tyga has dropped Well Done 4 for the mixtape masses. Tyga delivers a very hard mixtape, once again, no failure tracks on this, and a few new club bangers which I will be dropping in my sets and mixes this month. Well Done 4 starts with “Word on the Street”, very hard flowing track which you will easily rewind just to take it in fully before starting the full musical journey into the mixtape. You can download the mixtape for FREE via Datpiff, be sure to register to keep updated with all the new releases.


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IGLU Sessions Vol 1 | Some Kind of Way Home

This is a continuation of my QuickMix series, and this mix has tracks chosen by La Familia aka My friends whom we had a very long journey back home one night. Click the image for the FREE Download via my Soundcloud.


1) Pusha T – Nosetalgia feat. Kendrick Lamar
2) French Montana – F#ck What Happens Tonight
3) Busta Rhymes – Twerk It Remix
4) Chris Brown – Look At Me Now
5) Dem Franchise Boyz – I Think They Like Me Rmx
6) Meek Mill – House Party
7) Tyga – Throw It Up
8) Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal
9) T-Pain ft. B.O.B. – Up Down
10) Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown – Show Me
11) Mavado – Give It All To Me
12) Storm Queen – Look Right Through
13) Gregor Salto – Azumba
14) Gyptian – Hold You
15) Fuse ODG – Antenna
16) Young Dro – F.D.B.
17) Jay-Z ft. Rick Ross – F#ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
18) Ciara – Body Party