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Music | Chip – Killer MC & Flowers (Stormzy Diss tracks)


On a chilly rainy Wednesday evening, my phone rings, and its Mr Karl Ryan on the screen, I answer the phone and he’s asking me “Why is Chip sending for Stormzy?”. Totally side tracked by the question being asked, I proceeded to explain the bars Chip delivered in Waze, which would have started the beef, and Stormzy sort of responded in “I dunno”. Karl then tells me that Chip has released 2 diss tracks on GRM Daily, so straight away the call is ended, and I’m on GRM watching “Killer MC”.

Killer MC comes with that fast pace, 140bpm energy which Chip dominates always, no intro, no build up, just straight to the lyrical bars. As I’m watching the video, taking in the lyrics and visuals, its clear that this isn’t a usual diss track and video from Chip, this people, is a very clear message to Stormzy.

In the still shot from the video, Chip shows the body bags of Tinie, Bugzy, Saskilla, Big Narstie, Devilman, and Yungen, and now Chip is glad to add Stormzy to the body bags, with ease. I can appreciate the mics on fire from the lyrics he is spitting, it all makes perfect sense visually. Now the question in my head as i’m watching this, is why has Chip snapped?

Time to press play on Flowers, and now we are back to a very familiar setting for Chip when he is burying MCs. we are at the Shell petrol station, oh sh!t is all I’m thinking. The beat starts, and straight away, its a recognisable hard hitting, hip hop drum pattern. which makes me know it’s a Dready beat. Now, it’s a death by lyrics, and beats type of track incoming.

Dready doesn’t make soft beats, so my head is bopping straight away, and then Chip enters explaining now why he is going for Stormzy’s neck. It’s clear that Waze got to him, and wanted to pull up on Chip at his home with 2 cars full of goons, now this could have gone a different way, back in June when he actually did this, I don’t need to spell it out for you, Chip does this in Flowers very clearly.

Now, the whole industry woken up, the fans have been excited, and we are waiting patiently for Stormzy to respond. Will he deliver a 24 hour, 2 for 2 reply to Chip, or will it be subliminal lyrical shots of future features with heavyweight artists again? We can only wait and see.

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Music Video | Fekky – Avirex feat Neutrino & Chip [ @FekkyOfficial ]

Fekky keep delivering quality music, if you don’t recognise this, then you need to really tune in. His latest track of his debut album  titled “AVIREX” has taken me back to my days of being on Upfront 99.3FM & Delight 103fm, when I had, and still have to this day, my all black, triple leather Avirex jacket. Back when UK Garage was the sound, and Grime was making its start. Fekky has teamed up with So Solid legend MC Neutrino, and Grime ambasador Chip for this one. The video, is a glimpse of what the UKG life was like, and a glimpse into a true pirate radio set up. You can pre order  now.

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Music | Chip – Alone [Bugzy Mobo Award lost diss]

After seeing the hype that Bugzy put out there pre-mobo, and the rental, he was asking for THIS to happen. The whole scene knew this would happen, and well, here it is, once again, Chip holds back no lyrical punches to further bury Bugzy. I’ve run out of the amount of diss tracks Chip has done now, compared to the one that Bugzy dropped (it was one, because both tracks had the same lyrics). This isn’t a battle anymore, this is just straight burial. It’s unfair on the fans as Bugzy does not seem to deliver any sort of  credible come back to Chip, and is more interested in making hooks for tracks rather than laying down the lyrical gauntlet that he has been know to do. Let’s see what come back we witness after this goes viral today.