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Music News | The Carter V & Yandhi releasing this weekend

With the much anticipated Lil Wayne project, Tha Carter V being released today, that will be what the hip hop community is focusing on. Kanye West has also announced he will be releasing his new project Yandhi as well this weekend.

In a tweet Ye, has paid homage to Lil Wayne and respectfully announced he won’t release his project on the same day, but a day later. This is what I call Real Recognising Real, and Legends work together instead of against each other.

I’m looking forward to the musical weekend ahead.

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Music | Black Friday Mixtape Selection

As the retail world sent bargain savers and Christmas shoppers into a frenzy on Black Friday, November 27th, the hip hop fraternity of artists used this day, as the give back date to their fans by dropping multiple mix tapes for you to stream, and download for free via Some of the mixtapes I downloaded included

Chris Brown – Before the Party

Fabolous – Summertime Shootout

Rick Ross – Renzel Remixes

Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 2


Today is Cyber Monday, so it’s been a non-stop back to back listening fest with these 4 mixtapes, and I can say not one of them disappointed me. Chris Brown certainly leads the track numbers on his mix tape with 34 tracks, which in my opinion could have been split into 2 albums. Some of the features on his mixtape “Before the Party” include Rihanna, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, and his homeboy Tyga as well. If you’re a true Chris Brown fan, and a lover of R&B, this is one for you.


Between the other 3 mixtapes, well, we waited for Lil Wayne to drop “No Ceilings 2”, and in true Young Money quality control, Weezy F doesn’t disappoint, with various original tracks, and freesyles with his version of Hotline Bling aka Jail Phone.


Fabolous, what can I say, he is a beast, who has kept to his flow and formula, which is why I am true fan of his. “Summertime Shootout” I feel, should have been released in the summer, it’s one of those mixtapes, you have to bump loudly, with various flavours of tracks, including the upcoming club banger “The Plug”, and his version of Hotline Bling aka Trapline Bling.


I’ll wrap up with the biggest boss, Rick Ross’s “Renzel Remixes”. He has been delivering various freestyle remixes over the past few months, his biggest freestyle remix has to be of Adele’s “Hello”, if you haven’t yet listened to it, simply download his mixtape and put it on blast. This mixtape is 26 tracks, and is covered over 2 discs, so be sure to grab both downloads. All in all, I’ve enjoyed listening to all 4 mixtapes and will continue to for a while to come. I have to salute the other artists that dropped mixtapes on Black Friday, be sure to log onto to see them all and download.

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Music | Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Lil Wayne couldn’t make it any clearer to his fans and everyone in the music industry, that the business bond between Cash Money and Young Money has been severed and officially no more. With the delay of his Carter 5 album, which was due for release last year, there was a lot of talk about his album being pushed back due to arrival of newer rappers onto the Cash Money roster who took priority over his own projects on the label. To apologise to his loyal fans, Lil Wayne has blessed us with a interim album, in the way of Sorry for the Wait 2.

The intro track, is his version of the club banger Coco, which brings you up to speed and tells you what is what regarding him, and his future with Cash Money. It’s fair to say Lil Wayne has no regrets wanting to leave Cash Money, and is looking forward to his future.

As you listen to the album it’s your typical Lil Wayne flavour until you get to track 11, which is his version of “You Guessed It”. The shots he takes at Birdman on this track are epic, and he has renamed the hook to “Bitch You Jealous”. Lil Wayne has once again delivered a undisputed banger filled 17 track album, with no fillers.

If you haven’t downloaded the free album, jump onto Datpiff and do it now, and I’m looking forward to Carter 5 dropping this spring, no one can stop Lil Wayne’s productions and creative release flow now, it’s Young Money only now, and the future is bright, no more dry rubbing hands.