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Lifestyle | 2019 Forbes Hip Hop Rich List

Forbes has shared its annual list of the highest-paid hip-hop acts for 2019. Topping this year’s list for the first time in his career is Kanye West with a pretax income of $150 million USD, hugely thanks to YEEZY’s expected $1.5 billion USD sales grab. He jumps from last year’s No. 10 spot to outrank JAY-Z, 2018’s top earner, who steps down to No. 2 with $81 million USD.

Coming at No. 3 is Drake, moving up one spot with $75 million USD. He’s followed by Diddy who falls from last year’s No. 2 to No. 4 with $70 million USD, succeeded by Travis Scott at No. 5 whose $58 million USD kicks him up from 2018’s No. 15 spot. Eminem also climbs an impressive seven spots to No. 6 with $50 million USD, just above DJ Khaled’s $40 million USD and Kendrick Lamar’s $38.5 million USD. Rounding out this year’s top 10 are trap trio Migos with $36 million USD at No. 9 and Childish Gambino at No. 10 with $35 million USD.

Take a look at the full list below.

Forbes Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts of 2019
1. Kanye West ($150 million)
2. Jay-Z ($81 million)
3. Drake ($75 million)
4. Diddy ($70 million)
5. Travis Scott ($58 million)
6. Eminem ($50 million)
7. DJ Khaled ($40 million)
8. Kendrick Lamar ($38.5 million)
9. Migos ($36 million)
10. Childish Gambino ($35 million)
11. J. Cole ($31 million)
12. Nicki Minaj ($29 million)
13. Cardi B ($28 million)
14. Swizz Beatz ($23 million)
15. Meek Mill ($21 million)
16. Birdman ($20 million)
17. Future ($19.5 million)
18. Nas ($19 million)
19. Wiz Khalifa ($18.5 million)
20. Pitbull ($18 million)

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Music Video | Drake – God’s Plan

6 God aka Drake, just dropped the visuals for his latest single “God’s Plan”. Have a watch, at how Drake helps out many people in this video, by giving away the video budget, instead of making a CGI filled video as I’m sure he was suppose to. Good on you Drake, other artists could learn something from this.

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Music | Hotline Bling x What Do You Mean mashup

Both Justin Bieber and Drake are having huge moments on the charts with their songs “What Do You Mean?” and “Hotline Blingrespectively. While it’s expected that any big song will get one too many covers, it’s much less common to see two huge songs mashed up and re-imagined like this. Capitalizing on the popularity of both tracks, singer/songwriter Brayton Bowman created a song he calls “Justin’s Hotline.” Although it borrows lyrics from both “Hotline Bling” and “What Do You Mean?,” it’s a whole new take on both songs. His up-tempo crooning is underscored by a funky, original beat, elevating the source material into something totally his own. Stream the song below.

Source – ComplexMag

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Music | Skepta – SHUT DOWN

FADER – ‘rather than ‘breaking’ America, I just want British rap to be treated
as just another state – Britain is just another place that raps,’ London grime don SKEPTA told FADER last September .The MC has been grinding at his craft for the past decade, and built strong ties with NYC’s underground over the past couple of years.

Skepta,  his goal got a boost this past month when both Kanye and Drake showed they’ve finally caught up and caught on to SKEPTA, And grime in general; that BRITs performance and that album shoutout (and borrowed line), respectively. Now he’s letting his music to the talking with this heavy track from his forthcoming album, #Konnichiwa. Mastered late last night in London, it’s called ‘SHUTDOWN’ and finds the sharp-footed MC spelling out his come up, while also signalling what he’s up against by including what sounds like an audio rip of a starkly ignorant viewer complaint about the BRITs show.

“This is my new single ‘SHUTDOWN’ produced by myself and Ragz Originale from my upcoming album #Konnichiwa,” Skepta told The FADER via email. “We made about 7 different instrumentals to it but this one was the maddest. Vine has already been going nuts for the video clips we put up from the studio, can’t wait to touch a dance with this one. Big up my bro Drake on the sample, trust me listen.” Yep, that’s Drizzy in actor mode at the end.

Tune in below

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Music | Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise

Following the huge single ‘I Don’t F**k With You’ currently dominating US Top 40 radio and clocking over 30 million views of the video on You Tube, Detroit artist Big Sean announces his new album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ released via Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam / Virgin EMI.

I’ve given this album my 24 hour listening test, and I can confirm this is worth the money. Big Sean drops some heat in the form of tracks IDFWU, Paradise, Deep and the newest club banger Blessings. The album features appearances from PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, Lil Wayne, John Legend and of course G.O.O.D. Music General, Kanye West.

My personal favourite pick from the album is the track “I Know” featuring Jhen Aiko, produced by DJ Mustard. Not your usual DJ Mustard production, and certainly not what you would expect from Big Sean. He promised a new direction, new creativity, and new energy with album, and he has delivered just that. I will keep this album on my iPhone for a while, and certainly continue to play his club bangers in my sets.


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Feature | Drake vs Everybody

Think, Everyone Hates Chris, but turn it into a website, that features all of his enemies, and make the character Drake, and that is what makes up the website Drake vs Everyone. The website outlines all of the past and present musical beefs that Drake has had. It puts a lot of lyrics that Drake might have dropped on songs into context which makes sense of who he is popping a subliminal shot at.

Click the link and have a laugh >

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Music | Drake “If You’re Reading This, it’s Too Late”

Shout to Drake for breaking the internet straight after Kanye’s Adidas launch, not many celebs, or artists would be able to that without dropping some “leaked” nudes. But the talent that is Canada’s top export Drake did what most artists in the lifetime could never do, drop a “mixtape” via iTunes, on Friday 13th and create a buzz that required no marketing budget at all, simples, Drake’s legion of loyal fans spread the word by reposting the mixtape cover on all forms of social media, which saw the mixtape end up in the iTunes top 10 by lunchtime here in the UK.
16 tracks with 1 interlude is what you be getting for your £11.99. Fair to say from the start, it’s certainly a OVO production, with the beats sounding very unique to that OVO flow, add Drake’s lyrics and vocals over them, and this is a mixtape that will not be deleted from your iPhone for a long time. The mixtape includes  some previously heard tracks such as 6 God & Used To feat Lil Wayne. Featured artists in this mixtape also include PARTYNEXTDOOR &  Travis Scott.
Tracks such as Madonna, Energy, Preach, 6 Man, You & the 6, and Know Yourself is a BANGER, love the switch it up style Drake has mastered. are certainly stand out tracks for me, but that is not to say that other tracks get skipped, because they don’t. So the question that everyone has asked me..”is it worth the money?” I’d say yes, especially if your not trying to listen to the same old with every album in your iPhone, this certainly delivers a diversity in sound and creativity that seems to only come to life with such artists as Drake, Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lemar, you seeing the pattern here.
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Video | Drake – Hold On

Drake finally dropped the video for the single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, from his future classic album NWTS. The video is based in 1985, and plays like movie, with Drake taking the lead, and his team have to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend from his competition. It’s good to see another video from the current hip hop community that isn’t a cliche video, but the theatrics of this video are not to be taken too serious, it’s a music video people not real life.