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Feature | Drake vs Everybody

Think, Everyone Hates Chris, but turn it into a website, that features all of his enemies, and make the character Drake, and that is what makes up the website Drake vs Everyone. The website outlines all of the past and present musical beefs that Drake has had. It puts a lot of lyrics that Drake might have dropped on songs into context which makes sense of who he is popping a subliminal shot at.

Click the link and have a laugh >

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Video | Drake – Hold On

Drake finally dropped the video for the single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, from his future classic album NWTS. The video is based in 1985, and plays like movie, with Drake taking the lead, and his team have to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend from his competition. It’s good to see another video from the current hip hop community that isn’t a cliche video, but the theatrics of this video are not to be taken too serious, it’s a music video people not real life.