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Music | Drake “If You’re Reading This, it’s Too Late”

Shout to Drake for breaking the internet straight after Kanye’s Adidas launch, not many celebs, or artists would be able to that without dropping some “leaked” nudes. But the talent that is Canada’s top export Drake did what most artists in the lifetime could never do, drop a “mixtape” via iTunes, on Friday 13th and create a buzz that required no marketing budget at all, simples, Drake’s legion of loyal fans spread the word by reposting the mixtape cover on all forms of social media, which saw the mixtape end up in the iTunes top 10 by lunchtime here in the UK.
16 tracks with 1 interlude is what you be getting for your £11.99. Fair to say from the start, it’s certainly a OVO production, with the beats sounding very unique to that OVO flow, add Drake’s lyrics and vocals over them, and this is a mixtape that will not be deleted from your iPhone for a long time. The mixtape includes  some previously heard tracks such as 6 God & Used To feat Lil Wayne. Featured artists in this mixtape also include PARTYNEXTDOOR &  Travis Scott.
Tracks such as Madonna, Energy, Preach, 6 Man, You & the 6, and Know Yourself is a BANGER, love the switch it up style Drake has mastered. are certainly stand out tracks for me, but that is not to say that other tracks get skipped, because they don’t. So the question that everyone has asked me..”is it worth the money?” I’d say yes, especially if your not trying to listen to the same old with every album in your iPhone, this certainly delivers a diversity in sound and creativity that seems to only come to life with such artists as Drake, Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lemar, you seeing the pattern here.