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Music | Chip – Alone [Bugzy Mobo Award lost diss]

After seeing the hype that Bugzy put out there pre-mobo, and the rental, he was asking for THIS to happen. The whole scene knew this would happen, and well, here it is, once again, Chip holds back no lyrical punches to further bury Bugzy. I’ve run out of the amount of diss tracks Chip has done now, compared to the one that Bugzy dropped (it was one, because both tracks had the same lyrics). This isn’t a battle anymore, this is just straight burial. It’s unfair on the fans as Bugzy does not seem to deliver any sort of  credible come back to Chip, and is more interested in making hooks for tracks rather than laying down the lyrical gauntlet that he has been know to do. Let’s see what come back we witness after this goes viral today.