Interview | UK Model Roisin

Your Name
Your Age
Tell us a bit about yourself, how you relax, what your ambitions are with modelling, life.
My main job is as a health research psychologist. I Love the gym a little too much. I’ve always had a passion for the more creative side of life, art, dance, fashion. I Love meeting new people, who inspire a positive outlook on life! I’d love to model part time! LIve for the moment! 🙂
Your Favourite Colour
Pink or Turquoise! (I can’t choose!)
Your Favourite shape
A heart
Your Favourite Shoe
Pretty much any classic Christian Louboutins, but from their current season:

What would you do…..

If you walked into a room, and saw a elephant?
Take a picture turn around and walk back out – i guess! 😛
If you could never go shopping again?
Open a shop! No one should be denied the chance to go shopping! At least then I can watch others enjoy it! 🙂
If you were stuck in a bar on Super Sunday (football all day)?
Make friends with the barman!
What is your definition of Time?
An element that we could all do with just a bit more of!
What was your thoughts when you first met the Brown Bear?
This dude is pretty awesome! And clearly loves sneakers more than life itself!
IMG_3895 IMG_4011-Edit IMG_4081-2 IMG_4241

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