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Interview | UK Model Shannon

Your Name
Shannon M
Your Stage/Nick name 
ShannShanna (Shann)
Your Age
Tell us a bit about yourself, how you relax, what your ambitions are with modelling, life.
Im 21 years old an aspiring Social Worker and part time model, I love modelling its great and have met some great (and very different) people and made a lot of lifelong friends. I love directing on shoots and thats how what i started out doing then one day i just thought instead of telling people what to do i could just do it myself so i made myself an online profile and haven’t looked back really.
Your Favourite Colour
Your Favourite shape
Never ending Circle
Your Favourite Shoe
Most Boots
What would you do…..
If you walked into a room, and saw a elephant? 
Try ride it :D…not inna dirrty way.
If you could never go shopping again?
Try to work the rough look.
If you were stuck in a bar on Super Sunday (football all day)?
Get to drinking, and invent some football games to amuse myself.
What is your definition of Time?
Time is what you make it
What was your thoughts when you first met the Brown Bear?
He’s a big talented hard working softy <3
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