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News | Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Violence

It’s not my thing to really write about negative stories, but this is one that has hit me. On Saturday 21st December 2013, Nike released it’s brand new colour way of the beloved Tinker designed Air Jordan 11. The colour way is called Gamma Blue due to it being the only other colour on the sneaker apart from the all black upper, lower and maize Jumpman writing on the tongue. Now the sneaker, here in the UK, was a massive general release, to the point JD Sports, Footlocker, and Nike released the sneaker at Midnight online. I’m guessing this was done to reduce congestion at stores with release day hype queues and the ability to streamline resellers buying multiple pairs. Whatever the reason, it was a good one.

I on the other hand went to my favourite sneaker spot to pick up the sneakers, Nike Town London. The organisation, and hospitality is beyond the best, and after a short wait of about 45 minutes from arrival, I paid for and had my own pair of the new Jordan 11 Gamma Blues. A very calm shopping experience as it should always be. Now, in the States, this is not the case. I’ve seen multiple videos of fights breaking out in-stores, also on the street to the point where police have been forced to use mace to break up the carnage. Also footlocker stores being broken into and shutters being destroyed just to get the sneakers. What I don’t understand is why? Is your life really that minimal that you start swinging punches at a person to own a pair of them? I have to say I am ashamed to apart of the Snead culture if this is what is to become on release days, but on the other hand, as an American in the UK, i can say their standard of doing things is second to none. Take note US retailers, organisation is key.

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Fashion | Air Jordan Retro 12 "Gamma Blue"

So it’s looking like the holiday season will be packed with heat coming from the Jumpman brand. There are images of a Air Jordan 11 nickname “Gamma Blue” doing the rounds. Along with the Air Jordan 11 Taxi being released this winter, it would seem that the Jumpman brand will be dropping this new colour way for the masses.  No release information has been posted out officially by Nike, but the early birds are taking orders, and the chinese whispers are heating up about this release. I’ll keep you updated via my Instagram – Bannerworx