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Fashion | The meaning of the tradition of wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve!

You will certainly have heard about this tradition or you might already following it. Now is the time to learn about its meaning!

According to a tradition, it is said to date back in the Middle Ages when people were not allowed to wear red garments, because the colour was associated with blood, the devil, witchcraft and evil forces.

According to the legend women who wore red underwear during New Year’s Eve had good luck in love on the following year, attracting wealthy men, or finding passion in their current relationships.

Red underwear is now associated with passion, happiness and sex, so wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve may not only bring love to the new year but also a lot of passion. So its fair to say, both ladies and gents, you should all be wearing your newest and best Red underwear on December 31st, going into January 1st, no matter what year it is. Enjoy

Source – Useless News