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Chicks In Kicks – Galina

Today, we meet Galina Gorlova, who is a digital and fashion designer, she wears trainers everyday and only has one pair of shoes (for corporate meetings) apart from that it’s trainers all day everyday for Galina. Let’s gets into this Chick In Kicks…

Galina, what got you into collecting Kicks?

I have always been into trainers since I was a child but after working with Adorn Customs and travelling to sneaker events around Europe I wanted to start collecting. It’s not just about the shoe. It’s about the box, laces and insoles also. As a designer I like to appreciate the shoes and all the accessories.

How many Kicks would you say you have in your current collection?

About 20 boxed and a few beaters. I hate having the same kicks as everyone else so buy exclusively what I like, you will never see me in hypebeast kicks. 

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What would you say is your preferred sneaker brand?

I used to wear exclusively Nike as a teenager so now I try to go for other brands. My favourite brands at the moment are Saucony and Asics. It seems most of my trainers contain some form of suede which is a dedication trying to keep clean.

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When purchasing Kicks, where do you mainly shop?

I mainly shop online from End, Ebay, Offspring and Size but when I’m at work I like to pop into Foot Asylum for a quick scan. I work so close to Supreme and Palace but stay away from those.

If you miss a release, would you purchase from a re-seller, or pass on the sneakers?

Yes! I would buy kicks from a re-seller as long as I knew them or they had mutual friends with me on social media. As everyone knows everyone else in the sneaker community people are usually trust worthy as they don’t want to ruin their reputation.

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Tell us your best memorable sneaker moment?

Travelling to Amsterdam to exhibit at Approved was the highlight of this year. Last year my yellow Gel 3s were featured in the Complex sneakers blog, which was really exciting. When I was younger I used to love to go to Niketown with my father where he would buy me kicks and tracksuit set to match. When I first saw a Saucony at Crepe City two years ago, I fell in love there and then, now it’s one of my all time favourite brands.

Tell your worst memorable sneaker moment?

I don’t think I have had any bad moments with my sneakers apart from maybe people stepping on my precious suede. Once I saw this guy hold his independence days above his head and walk around so proud, it was very weird. That is definitely hypebeast behaviour I can’t stand.

What is your current rotation of everyday wear sneakers?

My rotation usually depends on my clothing as I do like to match, right now I seem to be wearing a lot of Eclat 89s, Gel Lyte 3s, Fluxes and different Sauconys.

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Tell us your top 5 sneakers in your collection?

I love all my kicks equally buy my favourites so far are Jordan Valentines, yellow Gel 3s, Saucony samples, safari huarache lights and lilac Tubulars. My taste seems to be quite unconventional to other sneakerheads, I just like what I like even if it’s a shoe that’s hated by others.

What sneaker do you want to add to your collection and why?

I’m looking for a pair of AM1s as it’s one of the silhouettes I have never owned. I want the pink floral huaraches but I don’t know if I should be going down that road.

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Thank you for your time Galina, and even bigger shout for the custom Chicks in Kicks top you created for the photo shoot. If you want to catch up on Galina’s work, AND get yourself some custom insoles, be sure to check out her links below


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