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Sin Mix Sessions :: Volume 3

The Triple Threat


Sin City resident Dj Bannerworx, returns with the 3rd edition of Sin Mix Sessions. The Sin Mix Sessions is a take home version of Bannerworx’s sets at Sin City nights. In this edition he brings you 20 floor fillers, featuring artists such as Hatcha, Lost, N-Type, Heny G, 501, Seven, Mensah, Katy B and Komonazmuk to name a few. With Vol 2 still in the mid 4000 download numbers, it was only right he came back with more heat for your iPods, iPhones and MP3 players.

Check it out, it’s a FREE Download for you to enjoy, and you can follow him on Twitter @bannerworx

Track List

  1. Heny G :: Candy
  2. Hatcha vs Lost :: EasyRider
  3. Mensah :: Digital Dreamer
  4. Addison Groove :: Footcrab
  5. Tunnidge :: 7 Breaths
  6. Lost :: Rudeboy VIP
  7. 501 :: Mezanine
  8. Komonazmuk :: Leaving
  9. Seven :: Sirens Remix
  10. N-Type :: Dead By Dawn Remix
  11. Skream :: Raw Dogs
  12. Katy B :: Katy On A Mission
  13. Hatcha vs Lost :: Why So Serious
  14. Benton :: Smash That Badger
  15. Eddie K & Beezy :: Serial Killer
  16. Distance :: Victim Support
  17. Fused Forces :: K-Hole
  18. Hatcha vs Lost :: Next 2 String
  19. Seven :: The Villian
  20. 501 :: Can’t Touch Me

SIN MIX SESSIONS VOL 3 – Single track mix version

SIN MIX SESSIONS VOL 3 – Seperate tracks version

Thanks to Hatcha, Lost, N-Type, Mensah, Komonazmuk, 501, Fused Forces, Heny G, Benton, Chefal, Zena G for her time, and being the face and voice of SMS & Bannerworx.

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