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Fashion | Big Sean x Adidas Pro Model II "All Black"

From Motown crooners to Marshall Mathers, Detroit has produced its share of artists. While the city serves as a historical hub for icons in music and athletics alike, the blue collar cornerstone of the Mitten has not seen many stars selected for a signature shoe. Following an all-red debut last winter, Big Sean looks to solidify his spot in D-Town’s heart and in the footwear Hall of Fame with the Big Sean x adidas Originals Pro Model II “All-Black”. Stamping his city on the box and his lyrics on the lining, this collaborative sequel coincides with his upcoming album launch in lux fashion.

Italian leather graces the all-black base, embossed with snakeskin scales for a high fashion feel. Gunmetal accents set off the logos and lace tips, with “HOF” debrays denoting his sophomore effort with G.O.O.D. Music. While the first Big Sean x adidas Pro Model II release was limited to only 380 pairs, this stealth sequel will be available to a bigger audience. Check out detailed images of the “All-Black” Big Sean Pro Models below and look for them to launch at select adidas Originals accounts on August 31st for $160.

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Fashion | Nike Air Jordan 3 "Fear Pack"

Fitting the “Fear” aesthetic set by the Air Jordan 4 and 5 in the pack, the Air Jordan 3 “Fear” makes use of grey and black hues for ultimate head-turning effect. Inspired by Michael Jordan’s quote about fearing what he wouldn’t become while his opponents fear what he could become, these coveted 3s capitalize on horrific hues by offsetting dark tones with bright total orange accents. Will you be looking to cop the “Fear” 3s when they drop Saturday, August 24.


Night Stadium/Total Orange-Black-Neutral Grey
August 24, 2013
£ 150

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Fashion | Nike SW – Perf | SIZE? Exclusive

Time for me to get into the swing of things finally. 2013 is looking to be a very big year for trainer (sneaker) wearers worldwide, with Nike and Reebok leading the way of mass releases, and desirable colour ways which will leave many of you SneakerHeads and HypeBeasts low on money at any given time of the month, let alone around pay day.

My first feature, is the forthcoming Nike Sportwear Perf Pack, which will be releasing on Saturday 16th February via Size?, exclusively. The full pack consists of the following –

Nike Air Max Light ¦ Nike Zoom All Court 2 Low ¦ Nike Blazer ’77 Mid

All made with premium brushed suede or tumbled leather, metal eyelets, and waxed laces. To come in light blue or tan brown for the Air Max Light and Zoom All Court 2 Low, as well as classic colourways for the Blazer ’77 Mid. Unlike most packs that drip release, you will be able to purchase any of the pack on release day.

nike-sportswear-perf-pack-size-exclusive-03-570x443 nike-sportswear-perf-pack-size-exclusive-08-570x443 nike-sportswear-perf-pack-size-exclusive-07-570x443 nike-sportswear-perf-pack-zoom-all-court-2-low-blue-02

My personal choice will be the Air Max Light in Obsidian, that’s a winner for me.


Online shoppers hit up –  from Saturday 16th February to grab a pair or 2.

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Fashion | Nike Air Max 1 PRM (BLOOD SPORTS)

So my resolution for 2013 to not purchase as many sneakers as I did in 2012 is looking like a immediate failure within the month of January alone. YES I have red sneakers already but you can’t deny it, your loving the Blood Sports Red, Nike Air Max 1’s which are due for a January release in all NSW (Nike SportsWear) stockists globally. These will officially be my first pair of Air Max 1’s, and from the constant reviews and praise these get, I am looking forward to owning them, especially for those long DJ sets I’ll be doing.


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End of World release date for Jordan 11 BRED's

So it’s 7 days until the supposed end of the world, and seems many are on some end of the world hype. The only hype I’m following is the release of the Jordan 11 BRED’s which are scheduled for release on December 21st. These sneakers are iconic, not just because they are another Jordan brand release, but the history behind them, and the championship that Michael Jordan lead his team to makes these a special release indeed. So the question is, where will you be on Friday 21st December 2012?


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INTERVIEW x Jasmine Dominique

On a brisk winter afternoon, we met up with photographer and artist Jasmine Dominique, to get a insight as to what makes her tick creatively.

What made you pursue the creative side of Photography & Art?

I know it’s a cliché thing to say but I’ve been creative my whole life, since I can remember. I’ve drawn all the time since I was small and always just experimented and tried things out because it’s just something that I’ve continued to enjoy throughout life.

If there is a reason for me continuing to ‘pursue’ being creative it’s just because being creative enables me to express different parts of myself and it’s the only thing that will always be there and always just make me feel like the best version of myself, and because it’s just something that I have an unexplainable passion for, and when you’re genuinely passionate about something you’ll chase it forever, especially if it’s origin is mysterious to you.

Where do you get your creative influences from?

I’m influenced by loads of stuff really. If I think initial influences, my family and background have influenced me a lot. My Nana and Granddad on my Mum’s side both used to travel all over the world teaching and were both interested in culture and history etc.  My Nana was also an archaeologist and went to Egypt when I was really small so I’ve been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since I was 2, that comes out a lot in my drawings and other elements of my creative work.

Also, my Mum has always been crazy and creative, although art has been more of a hobby for her than a career path, but she has definitely influenced me a tonne throughout my life, in every way possible. Again cliché but I don’t give a fuck, my mum is actually the best person in the world. Sorry

Who & What inspires you?

Everything is inspiration. Life inspires me. Books inspire me. My family inspire me. People inspire me a lot, I’m always reading up about people and researching how they got to where they are, what influenced them, taking notes of their style whether it’s film, music, art, whatever.

Recently I’ve mainly been reading Machiavelli, but then also reading Angelina Jolie’s book about her UN work, so I get inspiration from all kinds of things and people. Obviously my interests like art, music, culture, fashion, film is a huge inspiration and one of the things inspiring me most at the moment along with music, politics, history, travel. I’m a big person for lifestyle and experiences and chance so I think everything however big or small counts towards what goes into your work.

Who would you like to Collaborate with creatively?

I’ve actually never thought of whom I would collaborate with if I could. I have no idea. There are so many possibilities for collaboration. Obviously if it was possible Id work with Sergio Leone. We have the same birthday so it was clearly meant to be, in another universe. I’d like to work with Insa, I’m big on graffiti because it was the biggest influence of mine when I first started getting serious about art in my teens, Miss Van & Fafi also big influences because I draw girls. I’d like to work maybe with David Lachapelle or Tim Walker photography wise, or maybe Rankin? Although as much as I like the flawless outrageous fashion editorial style I’m also big on gritty, dark images, derelict locations, anything that’s just falling apart.

Is there an Artist or Entertainer you would like to photograph?

There is a lot of people Id like to take photos of. Angelina Jolie (who wouldn’t) , Clint Eastwood (obviously) and other stars like Al Fucking Pacino, Bruce Willis, Eli Wallach, too many to name but it would be sick just to use photographing them as an excuse to just have a chat with them about more interesting stuff.

I’d like to photograph Courtney Love, M.I.A., Azealia Banks, EVERYONE Come to mine and let’s party, also Zomby just to find out who he is!

What do you keep in your Photography Kit bag?

I don’t even have a photography kit bag, as I’m not a proper girly girl with handbags. My camera goes in my backpack with all the other stuff. I currently use a Canon 7D MK2 with the kit 18-135mm USM Zoom lens.

Anyone you would like to big up?

My Mum, for her constant support, and inspiration, Sadek & Miranda.

Where can we find your work, and more information about you?

instagram: jaydominique

Interview & Pictures by Bannerworx